World, no thanks…I’m Full

WoW WOW wOw!!! Today I was beyond blessed at Church! Today at Destiny Harvest, we had an awesome woman of God present some awesome spoken word about fasting and the significance of it (sorry for all the awesomes, but it was awesome!! lol)! I had to get her permission to share these words because they were too beautiful to keep within the 4 walls of my church!  This is truly why we fast as Christians…To see our God…To be close to our God…To break down walls of despair…To see healing where no healing could happen…These words were refreshing and full of truth and I pray you feel the expression of love for the Father in them!  If you’re on this 21 day journey with our church (and even if you’re not), I pray these words encourage and keep you pressing for His glory!!! Hallelujah!!

So here you are! Feast on these beautiful and powerful words from my sister in Christ, Zai Samura!!!!

Fast. Find Abba’s steady truth. Remember Faithful adherence surpasses tribulations.

So I fast. “Starving” flesh so soul may feast from you. This discipline, an insane beautiful.
I fast. Stunting wants, so need may be only you. Jehovah Jireh, my provider.
“No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”
So limb by limb, I will pull myself up to the challenge.
Tightly making sure mind is bandaged  taut on the Word.
Lust over food, or anything absurd will not infect your plan for  me.
For you have called me for something specific.
So I will fast, making my place near the alter.
Fast, knowing if I draw close, you will draw closer.
Father I will fast, so I may enlarge your territory.
Fast, to maximize this year, maximize your glory.  Believing that mountains will be moved. bodies healed. I fast
trusting that eyes will be opened.
Destinies sealed.

Have your way in my heart oh Lord,
And I will fast with gladness.
Oiling my head, washing my face, so it’s not obvious.
I will fast in secrecy.
For He who is unseen, has rewarded me plenty.
Father I will fast,  so hearts can see that your yoke is easy
Burden light.
You have trained these hands for battle, have made my way perfect, 
The end bright.

So I will fast for alignment to your will. 
Because my eyes can’t always perceive life the way you see things, still. 
In the hour after hour, in the day after day, I will fast for the spiritual warfare happening in the heavens. I will pray. When hallow stomach begins to ache, I will remember hunger pains are the body’s call for the scriptures 
Greater is He that lives within me, so I will sow that mustard seed. Grow that little bud of hope until it is the fruit for my gospel. I will let your words seep deep, and wait as your faithfulness sprouts revelations through my veins. I know the same blood that dripped on the cross of Calvery is the same blood surging through me. So Father when I fast, I will  remember that crown of thorns, remember how all of my sins have  been forgiven. Father i will remember how you said you have overcome this world, so I will take heart, converting convictions into energy. Through fasting, you received your assignment, that was the start of how you saved me.
Abba, I fast. Finding agreement with your steady truth.
You have given me the spirit of power, of love, and self-discipline.
So I will fast with boldness Father, I am serious. 

I know, that “man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”
So I will “starve” the flesh, disconnecting from the world, soul feasts from you.
This discipline, some call it insane. I say it’s beautiful.
When tempted, I stunt wants so need may be only you. 
Father, I fast because I, because I remember you. I snack  on my salvation. 

World, no thanks. I am full. 

~ Zai Samura