Noble Character?

More on the word Worth..

Proverbs 31:1o says

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is WORTH far more than rubies.”

Some women see Proverbs 31: 10-31 as a testament to some woman they could never be but I challenge that thought!  THis is an example of the potential we all have to be this so called “superwoman!”  God already calls us wise (Prov 3:15), beautiful (Psalm 45:11; Gen 1:27 if God’s image ain’t beautiful I don’t know what is), and He has given us everything we need (2Peter 1:3), so we clearly have the abilities to do all God describes in this chapter.  If we understood that we are already noble, beautiful, and worth more than great treasures, all that other stuff would come easily and naturally…



SO for 2010 I wanted to start making my Bible studying simple.  Pick a word that I want to learn more about, find it in the concordance and look up all the verses God spoke about that thing…I chose the word “worth” for my first go round at this…and its fitting that the very 1st verse that shows up in that faithful concordance is talkin about wisdom and its worth!!! Aint that interesting??? God’s been speaking to me about  a woman’s worth and how its tied also to her Wisdom…there are soooooo many connections here I could just go on and on but like just start with this….

Job 28:12-13 NIV

“But where can WISDOM be found? Where does understanding dwell? man does not comprehend its WORTH; it cannot be found in the land of the living.”

Going back to my connection to wisdom and women ( we can see already the correlation between this verse and women…

Where can man truly find a woman? Where can he look to see her heart, her soul?  If she is in Christ and truly knows just how much she’s worth he wouldn’t be able to find it too easily!  Thats why knowing who you are and WHOSE you are is soooo important.  If we knew that half of the pain we struggle with wouldn’t even come our way. 

We as women are special beautiful treasures that God has made for amazing work!  To bring life into this world.  The king (God) is totally ENTHRALLED with our beauty (Ps 45:11) and wants us and the rest of the world to know that.  A man could only appreciate this fact when he seeks after God with all his heart also…

Because of this our hearts must be sooo hidden in God that man must look upon God to find it.  God is the only one who truly understands our worth. Who truly understands our mysteries and you know we can be full of mysteries (or craziness, whatever…lol)? Our mysteries are too deep!! Man cannot find us, the real us, among the living (natural, physical). Ever wondered why people just don’t seem to understand you.  Why men tell you your too complicated?  Its because they are looking at you through their own eyes and not how God sees you…Any man who can’t see your worth isn’t looking in the right place…  He must look upon God….

If we are truly the wisdom (Prov 3:15) God has called us to be then only the man who looks to God will find us…and that my friends, will be a match made in heaven!!! No man would comprehend you, no man will be able to find you unless they are lookin towards God….

Prov 4:25 Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life…

Our hearts are the wellsprings of life…guard them as such and look for God…He’s got you figured out!!!