Life lessons from the GPS: Trust her

**Don’t call this a come back…I’ve been here before lol (who knows that song? lol) **

**I was cleaning out my emails and found this short little post I wrote intending to put it up on the blog.  Never got around posting but it was too good to just throw away now!! I make no promises for regularity but if I find anymore gems you’ll surely see it here!!**

Today (actually 6 months ago) I learned a valuable lesson from my GPS.  Never go against her…You will fail LOL! Can we say the same about God?

I have a very long commute to work and although I know several routes (you need alternatives when it comes to I-95 lol!) I sometimes turn on my GPS just to check traffic.  Well this morning I did that and it was sending me on 295…I hate 295!! Its has only two lanes and ALWAYS slow so I didn’t listen.  I tried the alternative route button and my GPS was like NOPE no other routes…So I ignored it.  Passed the first 295 exit and turned the GPS on again.  It was still telling me to take 295…I ignored it again.  My GPS must have gone crazy! It knows how ridiculous 295 can be! But then….the traffic hit.

I began to say I will never doubt you again oh so great GPS!!! And then it hit me…This is how I treat God sometimes.  The GPS uses satellites millions of miles away that can see more and further down the road than me.  God is the same.

His ways higher His thoughts greater.

Just as the GPS sees further God sees further knows more but we still ignore Him.  We still think we know best

Even though the route might be a route you know to be troublesome, God always knows better! You may be hurt by someone/something but God sends love via another one…Will you just stick to past experience and avoid 295 just because it didn’t work out before?

The GPS figures out the best route and sticks to it.

God does the same thing.

“I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you” Jer 29:11 paraphrase

“The plans I have for you are exceedingly above what you could ask think or imagine!” Eph 3:20 paraphrase

The GPS always gets you there.

God does the same and even better.

All things work out for our good!! Romans 8:28 paraphrase

I think safe to say lesson learned.  Hopefully we won’t forget this lesson!

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