Reflections: When I found Him…

I was listening to Kim Walker’s “I have found” this morning and I couldn’t help but reflect on what I’ve found for myself.  Here is my heart…

When I found Him…everything changed

My mourning turned to dancing
My sorrow to joy
My purpose was found and
My eternity secured
My healing proclaimed
My strength renewed
His love engulfed me
His peace surrounded me

Oh when I found Him

Focus replaced confusion
Insecurity fled
A steadfast heart became mine

Everything changed when I found Him

He is my lover, my friend, my peace, my Father, my air, my food, my everything…
He told me I was beautiful…I believed Him
He said you were made for such a time as this…I smiled
He whispered in my ear that I am just what I should be…I stood taller

My words became powerful
My praises, weapons

I stand in confidence knowing He’s all I need and has nothing but good for me!
I am secure because I am His and He is mine

He speaks a love song to all His children! Arise and hear Him! Listen and He will tell you the same beautiful things He tells me…

When I found Him everything changed

So what is God telling you today?


Where I’ve been all this time….

So I know some of you are probably wondering what happened to me (I’d like to think ya’ll miss me 😉 )!!!  Let me tell you I have definitely missed posting here but I have a really good reason!! 🙂

My church is launching this month!!! And for the last year or so we have been planning and strategizing how we can open the opportunity for everyone to come to know their awesome destiny in Christ! 

Check this video out from my Pastor, Stephen Chandler!


I hope to see you guys there!
Check out these links while you’re at it too!!

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Destiny Harvest Church Website:
Destiny Harvest Church Twitter:

Love you all and I hope each one of you get a chance to

Encounter God and discover Destiny!

PS.  I promise I’ll be back posting soon.  God has defintely been stirring my soul and I have a whole year of journal entries to prove it! Haha!!!