Merry Christmas!

Hallelujah!! It’s Christmas!! The day we celebrate Your birth, my Lord! A joyous occasion all for you Lord!

Lord I thank You for coming to this earth, putting flesh on, and being born just to die and save us all!  Through You billions have been, are, and will be saved. Through the first Adam we all died in sin but through the second Adam, our Lord Jesus Christ, we all live! Lord without your birth we would have nothing and be bound to death but now through You we have LIFE and we have it more abundantly!

Because You were born we have the opportunity to be born again (the big do over lol)! God I honor You and praise You! Through Your magnificent birth we can have eternal life; life more abundantly; freedom from sin, guilt and shame; VICTORY over every circumstance; peace through the storm; a purpose; love that conquers all and removes all fear; and joy everlasting!

Your daughter

Ps. For those who have been looking for me not to worry. I will be back in the new year with much more!!P