Traditions Part 2

Verse 7

They worship Me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.

When we just give lip service our worship and praise mean nothing. Power comes from worship. Power comes from praise. Power comes from prayer but if we are just doing it because its “tradition” it will amount to nothing. Our hearts must be a part of our worship or we are wasting our breath. God knows when its not real and He does not accept it. He ignores it. And we are wasting our time faking it. If your breakthrough can come through your worship, praise, and prayer, why fake it? Why not go for broke and actually test God in what He says? Only when we come with our hearts, then will we see God move on our behalf. Sometimes we can get bogged down in tradition and forget the real reason we even go to church, or worship or pray. We put God in a box and when He doesn’t perform we just say He doesn’t really do anything any more. The miracles of the Bible aren’t for me or this time. When in truth God is just looking for us to actually put faith and belief behind those prayers and that worship.

Question for ya: Are you giving God lip service? How can we not put God in a box and begin to actually see all that He says He can do in the Bible???


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