Tap into the source

Jude 12

“…They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees without fruit and uprooted—twice dead.”

Wow the symbolism is immense here. Clouds without rain are clouds that cannot produce life.  These clouds are useless; just here to decorate the sky with superficial beauty.  They do offer protection from the sun but only for a little while until they get blown away by the wind.  The whims of life and emotions blow them to and fro.  This is like a person witout God; without knowing who they are.  They produce no life.  They contribute nothing to the harvest.  But not only that; they are blown about by circumstances.  Every issue of life shakes them.  Gets them off course.  They are disconnected from the source.

The same for autumn trees without fruit and uprooted…

Autumn trees are supposed to be producing the last harvest before the end of season.  They are supposed to produce life.  These trees are not producing what they have been called to do.  Again they are useless and dead to their purpose.  But on top of that they are uprooted. They are removed from their source.  No longer connected to what could refresh, revive, and renew them.  There is apparently no hope for them.  Once disconnected from the source there is no chance for revival.  They are twice dead because if they were just not producing fruit but still connected to the source they could still have a chance to be revived but their removal from the source is another death to them.

But thanks be to God! All is not lost for the source never moves.  The earth doesn’t move from beneath the twice dead tree!  The tree can search out and revive its roots and dig down into the ground that is steadfast.  Trees in the forest don’t stay dead.  New life rises from them all the time.  Christ gives us new life.  The old has gone and the new has come!

We are given new life so that we may become a cloud who produces rain and life and we can become that new tree, deeply rooted, producing life, producing everlasting fruit.  Living out our whole purpose.  It is possible for all things are possible through Christ.  Let this new year be one with new life.  Allow Christ to revive your roots, strengthen you and set you on the path to your eternal purpose.  The source doesn’t move.  Its unshakeable!! Tap into His source and be revived!!


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