Hilarious but sad….

so…I subscribe to the Streaming Faith daily devotionals…and sometimes I like to go to the pastor’s website that wrote the particular day’s devotional just to see what they are about…I went to today’s pastor’s blog, Pastor Mike DeVries and this is what I found

Oh, How Times Have Changed.

Doing a bit of reading for tomorrow and came across this:

“Though each [Jewish] sect felt that its distinct perspective was determined by the meaning of Scripture, each sect was also heavily affected by sociological forces. The sects at the time of Jesus read the Scriptures in light of their own experience and situation. Since they felt that their own beliefs, in which they had been reared or to which they had been converted, were uniquely confirmed by Scripture, they quite naturally read Torah as if it uniquely prophesied their position.”

[Alan F. Segal, Rebecca’s Children: Judaism and Christianity in the Roman World, p. 45]

So good to see that things like this do not happen within all the various Christian groups today…

‘Er, wait a minute.

I thought this was down right hilarious and sad at the same time because it is sooooo true. Every sect or denomination in Christianity does this same thing…and sometimes forget the reason we even believe all that stuff in the Bible. Sometimes we need to sit back and reflect on how our own culture is affecting the true Word of God. I pray that my culture doesn’t stop me from really seeing Christ and bringing others into the true knowledge of Him…I”m going to be doing some real reflecting today…

Here is the link to Mike DeVries website if you want to check it out: http://awakening.typepad.com/.

And to subscribe to the Streaming Faith Devotional go here: http://app.bronto.com/public/actionpage/execute_page/?fn=Mail_ActionPage_FormResponse&pid=e4tg6r7zok1llx7qlmy0rn664r31p&page_type=addcontact&ssid=10664

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