Understanding and Relying on God’s Power

2 Chronicles 13

Abijah was appointed king of Judah after Israel and Judah split.  He intrigued me because he knew exactly who to rely on for victory and told everyone about it.  Abijah knew who he was and Whose he was, and because of that simple fact he was able to be victorious against Israel.

Judah routed Israel because Abijah understood the power they were wielding.  They understood that God was truly the One in charge and they walked in that confidence.  Abijah declared the Word of God over the battle (v.10-12) and walked in the confidence of the power of their almighty God.  They relied on God and God alone and came out on top

v. 18 “The men of Israel were subdued on that occasion and the men of Judah were victorious because they relied on the Lord, the God of their fathers.”

Abijah was wise in his own right.  He understood the power of our Almighty God and walked i n the revelation of it.  The Church needs to remember the power that it has in Christ.  We as individuals need to remember that.  When we do, we will become victorious in every battle we face, be it cancer, sickness, financial issues, spiritual, emotional, any issue that rises up against the knowledge of Christ.  If we walk in the wisdom and revelation of who God is and the pwoer that resides in that, WE WILL NEVER FAIL!!! Church rise up and walk in the Power we already have.  Remember God has His army, His horses and chariots of fire right behind us and around us already fighting the battle (2Kings 6:16-17). Lord help me, help us the Church, to remember this and walk in Your power!



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