This will be the first of several different thoughts on wisdom.  God has been dealing with me in this area for quite sometime now and I pray that my words will take you closer to Him and His idea of what real wisdom is.  We definitely need God’s Wisdom to walk through this life and do His will. Without His wisdom (and some other things ie salvation, His Spirit, etc etc) we are utterly lost and we run the risk of living this life unfulfilled and below our true calling

Proverbs 3:13-20

God likens Wisdom to a woman.  The main question on my heart is why?  Why does He liken a woman to such an important asset of Christian life? I’m still not sure but on this journey of figuring it out I had to stop an examine myself.  Since He likens wisdom to a woman, can I say that my life exemplifies the characteristics and adjectives He uses to describe this topic?  I hope the questions I posed myself will also make you think about your own stance in life.

Verse 13 Happy is the man who finds WISDOM…

Are people happy when they find you?  Do you bring joy and understanding to a situation when you are involved or do you cause confusion and strife?  Can you say that people are blessed by your presence or cursed?  The mark of a truly godly woman (or man for that matter) is if you can exemplify the fruit of the spirit in any place (Gal 5:22).

Verse 15 She is more precious than rubies and all things you may desire CANNOT COMPARE with her.

Do you believe this statement about yourself?  Do you walk with an understanding that NOTHING can compare to you? God has made us exactly how He wants us (Psalm 139) and has designed a plan and a purpose (Jer 29:11) for us since the beginning of time.  We were not born at this time in happenstance.  There is a reason why I was born in 1984 and there is a particular reason why you were born the year you were born in!! Live like it!  Walk like it! Talk like it!

Verses 16 and 18 Length of days is in her right hand…She is a tree of life to all those who take hold of her

Do you bring life with you where ever you go or are you in the killing business?  Do you speak death over situations or are you a bringer of life?  God has given us the ability to give life through childbirth.  He has also given use the ability spiritually.  We must use our God given power to speak life, give life, and be life.  Remember also, the power of life and death is in the tongue (prov 18:21) and if the same power that raised Christ from the dead is in us our words definitely have some fire behind them!!! We must watch want we say and do because our words are powerful.

Verse 17 and all her paths are peace

Can you say that about yourself?  Everything about you speaks peace? or mayhem and destruction?

Please believe I asked myself every last one of those questions and much more and I still have some stuff to work on!  My prayer is that I can live these verses out in my life.  That peace, happiness, joy, and life will follow me all the days of my life.  Ingrain these things in my heart and mind, Oh Lord.  Let me walk in wisdom and exude these characteristics in my daily life.  Allow me to walk around knowing  how much I’m worth and give me the ability to tell the world about Your perfect plans for us!!!

More to come on wisdom…


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