Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Its Thanksgiving!!!!

Lord I have sooo much to be thankful for this year! Your mercies are indeed new every morning and today I reflect on all You have done and still will do this year.  You have been with me all year, blessing me, and keeping me increasing YOU in me and decreasing me.

These are just a few things I’m thankful for that I needed to share!!  (no particular order)

1.  I thank You for my life!  For being glorified in my successes and my failures this year.  I thank You for my health and my healing!! I thank You for blessing me throughout this year.  I thank You for my new job!!!! I thank You for Your peace over my life and Your power that has catapulted me to higher and higher heights this year.  I thank You for showing me my worth and allowing me to tell other just how worth it they are.  I thank You for allowing me to be Your hands and feet and move in Your glory.  The peace and joy that comes from that is immeasurable!!!

2. I thank You that for allowing me to understand that You have nothing but good for me and You want me to live my life even more abundantly that before.  I thank You for showing me Your calling and plans for me, even thought they were only a glimpse.  Matterafact I THANK YOU for only showing me a glimpse because I don’t think I could handle knowing much more yet!!! LOL

3.  I thank You for my season of singleness.  This time has been amazing so far!!  The simple fact that I am free to go where and when I please and can dedicate my entire life to pleasing You is priceless.  I thank You that in this time You are preparing me to be the wife, mother, and WORLD TAKEOVER-ER that You want me to be.  I embrace this time because I know it will only be a moment.  I thank You that You are preparing for me a man that will love me just as You love Your beautiful bride, the CHURCH (Eph 5) and that You will definitely be glorified through our union.  And I def can’t wait for him to speak real sweet nothings in my ear.  Just read Song of Songs folks!!! lol

4.I thank You for allowing me to be a part of the most amazing and dynamic youth group in the world!! We are taking ground and releasing the devil’s prisoners with Your power!!! Bootcamp is TAKING OVER FOR THE KINGDOM!!!! First Baltimore, then the whole DMV, the US and then the WORLD!!! Its over devil.  We got your game and we killing u @ it!  Thank You for deeming me worthy to be head over these girls; for entrusting me with their spiritual upbringing.  I thank You for our amazing leader, a man so hungry for Your will to be done in this city!!!

5. Lord I thank You for Your BEAUTIFUL bride, the Church.  I thank You for New Life International Fellowship.  I thank You for placing me in a church who is kingdom minded and who is doing the work that You have called them and Your Church to do!!! I thank You for our pastor and his wife, for being a model of 2 amazing people hungry for God and doing Your will through their family and through our church!

6.  I thank You for my family.  For bringing people around me that love you and love me (lol).  I praise God for everyone in my family and I know that You have great plans for every single one of them.

Finally, I thank You for that food that I’m about to grub on!!!!

I know it was long but I had a lot to thank God about.  I pray everyone has a great Thanksgiving and remember what God has done for you!!! He died on the cross so that we can be saved and free from the sin that so entraps us!  He has given hope and peace and joy abounding. Love covers a multitude of sins and He, in His very essence, is LOVE.  THANK YOU LORD FOR LIFE!!!!


Beautifully and Wonderfully Made!!!

First an ode to the inspiration behind this installment.  LEAH SMITH!!!!! she is a beautiful, anointed young lady with an amazing gift!  This video is her out pouring of the song Beautifully and Wonderfully Made.  This song stems from Psalm 139 in which David talks about how God made us…beautifully and wonderfully…How He formed us…shaped us…and watches us constantly and lovingly.  Cop this girl’s album on ITUNES.  You will not be disappointed!!!


Psalm 139

Is one of my favorite psalms, besides 119, and 100 and some others.  Its one of my favorites because it describes just how on purpose we were made.  David states clearly through the unction of the holy spirit just how God made us.  Beautifully and Wonderfully.  Our worth is not in what people think we are.  It is totally in Christ.  Psalm 139 tells us clearly that we are made just as You want us to be. I’m going to run through a few points that we can focus on in this psalm:

1. v.14 …”I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful…”

we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  I can’t stress that enough.  God sat down and crafted each and everyone of us with a unique purpose.  Every part of us is important and everyone of us is important to the Purpose God has for the Church and this earth

2. v.16 “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

You were put on this earth for a purpose and God had it all planned before we were even born.  The purpose He has for us is to see us prosper and is for our hope and our future (Jer 29:11).  Start moving in purpose He has for you. We were so worth it that God planned ahead for our life!!!

3.  v. 1-4 “…you have searched me, and you know me…you perceive my thoughts from afar….you are familar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely…”

Even though God made this earth and has to keep it running He cares so much about us that He actually pays attention to our every move.  He cares that much that He has to know every minute detail of our lives and watches us as we come and as we go.  He knows when we sit and when we rise!  We’re that worth it!!!

I thank God that He is that nosey!! He loves me so much that even when I was sinning and bucking against His love He watched my every move.  Even though I rose up against Him He still kept His plans for me alive.  All we have to do is search after Him and He would reveal Himself and His plans for us, to us.  We were made in His own image and  He says we are worth it with every Word of His Bible! Praise be to God!!! I am definitely worth it!!!