A Woman’s Worth The Beginning

A Woman’s Worth

“She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.” Proverbs 3:15

God is speaking primarily about wisdom but don’t you find it interesting that He describes it in the feminine? I always asked myself this and God finally showed me the answer (and is still showing me). Yes He is talking about how important Wisdom is in our life…but He is also drawing a parallel between us (women) and His love for us. He’s telling us, however covertly, just how important we are in this world. Too often we forget and settle to be quartz or rhinestone walking around, trying to glitter like diamonds through how we dress, and present ourselves to the world but we fall short every time.

Talking with my girls and really examining my own self I see that no one is truly teaching us our worth. No one is truly teaching us what God says about us as women. We are lost in this world trying to aspire to the world’s guise of success, trampling men and misusing our own bodies to get something that is already attained through Christ (John 1:7; Romans 3:22, 24; 5:11, 8:2 etc!!!).

God is showing us through this verse in Proverbs just how valuable we are. God chose to describe something that He regards so highly as a conduit to understanding Him, as a woman? This shows just how much we are truly worth. God says that if a man lacks wisdom He should ask for it (James 1:5). He says “a wife of noble character who can find? She is worth more than rubies. (Proverbs 31:10).

Now why did God choose the ruby to describe wisdom? To describe a wife of noble character? That just kept coming back to me!!! I went on a google search for rubies. I just had to see what all the hype was about!

The International Colored Gemstone Association says that a ruby is synonymous with love, vivacity, passion, and power. It says the color itself radiates vitality. For thousands of years it was considered the most valuable gemstone on earth and was called the King of Gemstones. And even today a ruby of great clarity and grade is considered even more precious than a diamond….and we are worth more than rubies?!?!?!?!?! Wow!!!!

Going even deeper I found out that the ruby is one of the hardest gemstones found, third only to Diamonds and another stone called a mossianite! So not only are we valuable be we are STRONG also. And on top of that natural rubies have natural imperfections in them and a fake can be found out by looking too perfect!!! This just spoke to me soo much…Even though we may have imperfections, its our imperfections that define us and create our worth. God uses all the things that we think are detestable to create the woman He wants. Just like He took Paul, the very man directly persecuting His church (Acts 9:1-15) and made him one of the greatest apostles ever to live, He will and has taken us even with our mess ups and wants to mold us into something even more precious than rubies!!!

God’s words are deliberate and sound. He chose the ruby because He wants us to know just how valuable we truly are. We have power!!! We are kings (well queens) 1 Peter 2:9!!!

This blog was birthed from my own journey to understanding and still learning my worth as a woman. God has placed unique power and purpose in us as women to birth nations and future generations both spiritually and physically. We are more precious than rubies and nothing is more desirable than a woman who knows that!! I hope that the entries into this blog will build every woman who reads them up into the beautiful, valuable and precious ruby we are called to be! God has given me a glimpse of a vision in which this ministry will move to un-blind women’s minds (saved and unsaved alike) and set them on the path to truly knowing their full worth. This is only the start of something God has begun to birth in my spirit and I cannot wait to see where He takes this. Read and enjoy ladies. This is gonna be a great ride! And guys you can read this too…you all might learn something! 🙂